Dating Advice #1: Don’t Fake

A friend once told me that a friend of a friend (this probably means it was her) went on date with a boy. Being flat-chested, she decided to wear not just any old push-up bra, but one with gel inserts bigger than what nature had actually given her.

During the date things got hotter, the boy got closer until…

…he discovered the gel inserts and, indignant, dumped the girl.

How true the story is, I don’t know, but my friend’s dismay in retelling it was, well… palpable.

What lesson can we learn from this?

  1. If we want a bigger chest, we should go to the plastic surgeon, not to the lingerie shop. Now, that’s a bit extreme.
  2. Girls with generous chests attract the kind of boys who would run away when they find gel inserts instead of the real thing. There’s a point here.
  3. That when boys find gel inserts, they feel cheated. If they feel cheated, they run away. Or maybe they run away because they don’t like gel inserts.

I think that the best thing to do, if you are flat-chested, is to flaunt your flat-chestedness: keeping true to yourself is the best way to select potential partners who like (or don’t mind) what you’ve got to offer.


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  1. More excellent advice! 😀


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