Trouser Hems

If you happen to be a bit shorter and a bit chubbier than the average person, chances are that when you buy a pair of trousers you find them too long. For some lucky people this is fixable with (and a good excuse for) extra-tall stilettos or platforms.

But, for others, the problem is of a different magnitude.


So, for years I’ve folded the extra fabric (folded outwards in the eighties, folded inwards in the nineties). The disadvantages with folding are:

  1. The folded material eventually slips out (usually when you’re running for the bus).
  2. After each wash, the fold is gone and you have to redo it. Unless you’ve marked the exact point with a permanent marker, you run the risk of ending up with one leg shorter than the other.

Options other than folding:

  1. Easy and cheap. Disadvantages: scratchy; make ladders in your tights; eventually, rust.
  2. Easy and quick. Disadvantages: it doesn’t stick.
  3. Blue tack. Easy and fun to apply. Disadvantages: heavy; potentially hazardous for your washing machine.
  4. Hemming with needles and thread.

I strongly advocate hemming.

It’s not too difficult: imagine it as skewering with a needles instead of a barbeque skewer. Just make sure you stick a thread through the needle’s hole and make a knot of some sort on its end.

It helps if you choose a thread of the same colour of your trousers. If you haven’t got that, use the nearest darker colour you’ve got. Then start skewering the folded (folded in, not out!) fabric’s edge.

Job Done!


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  1. Great advice! I usually end up with the opposite problem of my pants being too short. 😀

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