5 Things You Should Keep In Your Wallet

Of course wallets are for carrying money, credit cards and loyalty cards, but not only. In fact, the least amount of money and credit cards you carry in your wallet, the least trouble for you when it’s stolen (even better if you don’t keep your PINs in there).

So, with money and cards kept to the bare minimum, you should have plenty of space for these essential survival items:

  1. Plasters: for smart-shoes-induced blisters. Either you carry (and use) these plasters, or you limp about.
  2. List of emergency phone contacts (Mum/Dad/Granny/Boyfriend/Cat) on a piece of paper. The Latins used to say Verba volant, scripta manent (= spoken words fly away, written words stay). But I say: Smartphones volant, scripta manent. You smartphone might go missing, be stolen or suffer a flat battery and, unless you have memorised these key numbers (have you?), from the public payphone you can’t call anyone but the police. Which brings me to the next point…
  3. Coins: to call your emergency contacts for emotional support should anything unpleasant happen to your smartphone. After the call, you should have enough coins left to buy from a vending machine a KitKat for extra support.
  4. Miniature sewing kit, like the ones you get in posh hotel. You can make one very cheaply with a small piece of thin cardboard: stick a needle through the cardboard, roll a few dark coloured threads of cotton, and stick a safety pin in it (if you can’t be bothered to sew, you can always use a safety pin in an emergency). You don’t believe it’ll happen to you until it does: your trousers rip down the middle, providing maximum exposure to your oldest pair of panties. Before becoming a Mama, I wrote for a newspaper and it was while I was reporting on an event that suddenly, as I squatted, my trousers ripped down the middle. Only the privacy of a toilet cubicle and my wallet’s resident sewing kit saved me.
  1. Pantyliner: you know what you might need it for.

P.S. Always check the pantyliner before using it, in case the sewing kit has spilled…

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  1. LOL what fun! And so practical! I think I like number 3 the best – I’m still giggling about the whole post! Thank you!! 😀

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  2. Ha ha ha that is a splendid way of giving advice!

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  3. A little sewing kit is such a good thing to carry around! Great list. 😄

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  4. Love this post! And practical 😉

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