Turn Your Leggings Into A Crop Top

This is not a sewing project because there’s no sewing involved, only hacking away.

  • Buy a pair of leggings without trying them on


  • Put them on and discover that they feel like flight compression socks
  • Take them off after a few hours and muse over the marks they’ve left on your legs
  • Give up and resign to get rid of them
  • Offer them to somebody thinner (in my case, my daughter)
  • When she rejects them, suggest alternative uses ( floor mops)
  • When she says she’ll turn them into a crop top, smile agreably
  • Watch her unpick the crotch seam
  • Stitch the ends of the unpicked seam to stop it opening up further (optional)
  • Watch her putting it on and marvel at her superior genius

Top flatTop


19 Comments Add yours

  1. You are a genius. If I aimed for a top, I would end up with a boob tube. Though on second thoughts, getting to a boob tube might not even be a molehill.

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    1. That’s not a bad idea. It also leaves you with two extra leg-warmers (for people with skinnier legs than mine!).

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      1. HA HA HA. I bow to thy DIY genes.

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  2. Tami says:

    You have a brilliant and creative daughter!! What a neat trick! 😀

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  3. That’s awesome!

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  4. brushyneedle says:

    Your daughter is so talented!

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  5. Invisibly Me says:

    This made me chuckle! What a brilliant idea, and a sew-less project I could actually do. Genius.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Let me know if you give it a go.


  6. This is pure genius!! You had me at the title itself ….

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  7. Absolute Genius!
    How clever. Love it.
    ~ Cobs. x

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  8. Thank you very much 🙂 x


  9. Beyoutiful says:

    That’s a really nice idea!

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