How To Join A Fitness Class (with dignity)

If the idea of joining a fitness class makes you feel like a child starting a new school, you’re not alone. Joining an ongoing fitness class is not just like starting a new school, but like joining a new school half-way through the year: you don’t know the rooms, the routines, the other people, but everyone else does. And you’ll be immediately tested.

So here are some tips to make things a bit easier for you, and help you retain some of your dignity:

  • Ask for a trial lesson before committing
  • Wear appropriate clothes but nothing that looks too flashy or too ‘pro’: you don’t want to raise expectations about your performance.
  • Take a water bottle: even if you don’t feel thirsty, stopping for a drink is a great excuse to avoid doing an exercise that doesn’t agree with your muscles.
  • Take a towel. You don’t want to be remembered through a sweat print on the gym’s mat.
  • Arrive early: the back rows fill up fast.
  • Tie your hair: not only you look silly with your hair flapping about as you do star jumps, but if tie your hair in a different way than your usual, there’ll be less chances that your classmates or your trainer will recognize you if they meet you at the supermarket.
  • [added 05/05/17] I know I’ve written a post about how eating lentils is a great idea, but I really don’t recommend eating lentils or beans before a fitness lesson, especially when the exercises include abdominal crunches…
  • Have fun. Nobody is perfect and, even if you’re rubbish at this, there are other things you’re good at. And you have my full my respect for trying!

Interesting fact: Italian women join the gym not only after the Christmas binges, but also around spring time, to get ready for the dreaded ‘bikini test’ at the beach (even mamas like me wear bikinis there).


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  1. Tami says:

    I think I would need to bring a very large water bottle – I’m sure there would be a lot of stopping to take a drink because the exercise doesn’t agree with my muscles! 😀

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  2. You can always take a normal bottle and pretend to drink 🙂


  3. Hmm am kinda feeling that way about spinning class right now …

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can totally empathise!


    1. Thank you for re-posting this. I’m glad you like it 🙂


  5. I’m glad, thank you 🙂


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