How to Look After Your Mamil (Middle-Aged Man In Lycra)

All over the world, men are more likely to take their own lives than women , and in the UK they are three times as likely. Men are especially delicate during their mid-life years ( the highest suicide rate in the UK is for men aged 45-49 ). And it’s during their mid-life wobble that many men turn to their bicycles

Gone are the days when the “manopausal” man would buy a bright red convertible car and zoom about town with his combover flapping in the wind. The new mid-life man has swapped tuning a car with tuning his body. He shores it up against the advance of age by strenuous physical training and testing his physical limits with endurance races and extreme sports. Clad in Lycra.

If you notice that your man is going through “the change”, be aware that this is a time when your MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) needs all your tender and loving care.

  •  When he brings home a bicycle worth more than a year’s mortgage, remember that the shiny red convertible would have cost more.
  • Accept that the local cycling club is now his tribe. They will spur him, encourage (compete with) him and make sure that, come Sunday night, he hasn’t got a drop of time or energy left to muse on his own aging and the passing of time.
  • Accept that Lycra is a compulsory uniform. And refrain from comments.
  • Look suitably impressed by his  achievements. Even if you don’t see the point in cycling a 50-miles-loop only to end up in the same café where coffee and cake had been waiting all along, remember that it makes him happy.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your MAMIL. It helps to remember that his midlife crisis could have taken plenty other forms and led to plenty other changes. Some of which, might have involved changing… you.

Photo by Ferrattitude on  Wikimedia Common

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