Stars Are Silver

My new collection of short stories is out as kindle, paperback and easy-on-the-eye very large print.

Is it too late for Melina to learn to drive? Is Don Pericle’s vow never to fall in love again still valid after fifty years? Will a falling piano squash Filomena or just shake up her heart? Why does the mother of the bride ask Don Pericle to cancel the wedding?
Ten humorous and heart-warming short stories, glowing with Sicilian sunshine, fragrant with home-made tomato sauce, and thrumming with mandolins’ serenades. Ideal for your coffee break or as a bedtime read.
Written by Stefania Hartley, The Sicilian Mama.

Praise for Stars Are Silver and other short stories:

Hartley’s stories are a tonic: full of delightful, down-to-earth characters and recognisable life dilemmas, as well as unexpected twists. Above all, each story reminds us that simple human goodness can still be found and shared. —Sandy Salisbury, author of Prairie Gold

Super, observant writing. [Tanino and Melina] really should have their own sit-com.— Alan Spink, Editor of The People’s Friend Magazine, on the Tanino and Melina stories

Hartley doesn’t just give us stories, she gives us a slice of Italian life served with lashings of charm and wit. Highly recommended! — Ella Hayes, author of Italian Summer with the Single Dad

Cover photo from Canva

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    Congratulations!! And thanks for the acknowledgment- much appreciated!


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