Only fools and mamas

...make tomato sauce with passapomodoro.   When I got married, I refused to consider a ‘passapomodoro’ (tomato squeezer) part of my dowry. A ‘passapomodoro’ is a metal contraption which separates the skin from the flesh of cooked tomatoes and it’s used to make tomato sauce from raw tomatoes. I had seen my grandma sweating over... Continue Reading →

Taming the driving jitters

When I have to drive my husband's car or a rental car or any car that's not my trusted little one, I feel like I’m eighteen again. I don’t mean young/fit/adventurous eighteen. No, unfortunately not. I mean scared-to-drive eighteen. So this is my advice to you who are: eighteen (or seventeen) and harbour homicidal impulses... Continue Reading →

Dating advice #1: Don’t fake

  A friend once told me that a friend of a friend (this probably means it was her) went on date with a boy. Being flat-chested, she decided to wear not just any old push-up bra, but one with gel inserts bigger than what nature had actually given her. During the date things got hotter,... Continue Reading →

Trouser hems

If you happen to be a bit shorter and a bit chubbier than the average person, chances are that when you buy a pair of trousers you find them too long. For some lucky people this is fixable with (and a good excuse for) extra-tall stilettos or platforms. But, for others, the problem is of... Continue Reading →

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